Hemptation CBD Oil Review – Infused Goods Product

  • Hemptation Bath Bombs

Wake up and stimulate your senses as you soothe your body in a luxurious bath with Hemptation’ bath bombs made of therapeutic cannabis ingredients that will forever change the way you take a bath from now on.


  • Hemptation Infused Coffee

A new addition to Hemptation’s product line and perhaps one of the most balanced coffee you can get your hands on the market.


Ingredients Used by Hemptation

  • Winterized Hemp CO2 Extract

Carbon dioxide is used in extracting the resins from the hemp buds grown in Colorado farms. CO2 does not require the use of solvents in the extraction and is considered a non-toxic gas too. Through ethanol filtration, lipids and plant waxes are removed resulting in the extract that closely resembles a dark oil that looks like a syrup and smells like molasses.


  • CBD Isolate Hemp Extract

Hemp CO2 extract is distilled without the use of solvents in order to come up with the CBD isolate end-product that is 99.9% pure. In its almost purest form, CBD is a powder that almost looks like a flour but is undeniably one of the most potent sources of CBD.


  • Non-GMO, MCT Coconut Oil

Sourced from fractionated non-GMO extra virgin coconut oil, this is a diet supplement that contains 100% MCT oil. It is clear-colored and tastes and scented lightly too. It is a quick source of energy but not indicated for further use if stomach pain persists. The company also warns not to use this oil for grilling.


  • Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Even the New York Times voted for this particular olive oil as the fruitiest and were satisfied with it as a treat. It is organically farmed in Spain and manufactured using cold press techniques to ensure that the oil remains extra virgin. It is also not ideal for grilling but can be incorporated into different recipes and drinks.


  • Cannabis Terpenes

Real CBD-rich hemp buds grown in Oregon are exposed to steam distillation in order to extract cannabis terpenes.


  • Bath Bombs (All Ingredients)

The bath bomb sold by Hemptation are made up of the following ingredients:

  • For fizz – baking soda and citric acid
  • Epsom salt
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Mica
  • Hemp Extract
  • Natural Cannabis Terpenes


  • CBD Muscle Cream

Will soon be launched in the market.


  • Coffee Beans

Grown in Burlington, Vermont – uncommon grounds, coffee roasters

The premier coffee line uses coffee beans grown in Columbia with a Vienna roast


Hemptation offers a refund to customers as long as the product has not been opened yet and were incorrectly shipped as well as offer replacements. They also offer shipping for free nationwide and shipping usually takes 1-7 business days. Hemptation likewise communicates to customers that their CBD products are not FDA approved but that also applies to every other CBD products out there as none is FDA approved yet. But given all the high praises being given to CBD, people can’t help but give in and give this humble weed a try and the majority of them don’t regret doing so especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions that can be improved by CBD.