Why Moms Are Giving CBD Oil To Their Children

CBD has already been demonstrated to help treat cancer. Researchers have observed CBD compounds helping to destroy cancerous cells in the body.

This compound is also capable of acting as a therapeutic agent for people that have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments which boast significant side effects.

Even though all of these great positives are well known, there still does not exist a solid step-by-step guide to using CBD to help cancer patients. That is why we have created this article- so cancer patients and their families can assist them in their treatment with CBD in the best ways possible.

These are just a few reasons people are taking cbd oil for children.

cbd oil and kids

The Proper CBD Oil Doses To Help Children

This compound can assist with a huge variety of health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain. CBD oil is also very versatile in the way that it is applied. To be specific, it can be applied in a huge variety of ways. There is not just one “right” method to ingest it into the body. There are topical creams, ways of inhaling/vaping it, oral methods to take it in food, sublingual methods, and more. However, some of those are still being studied, and there are only 3 principle ways to ingest it currently.


Putting it on your skin can be good for things like joint pain, but if you want to relieve more general symptoms throughout the body and get faster relief, oral doses are the way to go. Using the dropper that comes with most kits you can take a few drops sublingually(just put them under your tongue). You want to make sure to “underdose” yourself at first so you don’t go overboard and suffer side effects. CBD actually doesn’t really have that many side effects other than making you a little drowsy, but just work your way up if you are a first-time user. Also be conscious of your body weight when you are reading the dosing instructions on most products. Most smaller people can start with 3-4 drops, and if you are bigger 5-6 will do just fine. Wait a half hour and take another dose if you feel you need more.